If you want to acquire advice from CAN, that is possible. 

Our advisor's can be used in mutual consultation for specific projects and consultancy. Members receive a preferential rate. Below are our consultants and the rates.


Iris Freie

Function: Industrial pharmacist

Expertise: Iris Freie is a consultant in the field of cosmetics and food supplements. Iris studied pharmacy, with a specialization in pharmacology. She has work experience (since 1996) in the field of product development, registrations and quality control of food supplements, cosmetics and (homeopathic) medicines. She is the owner of RAPD Consult and co-owner of Zagt & van Elk Consultancy. You can contact her for advice on cannabinoid legislation, the CAN industry standards and product labelling.

Joost Heeroma

Function: Scientific advisor

Expertise: Joost Heeroma is a biomedical researcher with a PhD in functional genome analysis. Joost studies how our genetic passport determines how we behave, which diseases we will get and how best to treat them. Central to his research is homeostasis; a collection of feedback mechanisms that keep the body balanced and disease free. Joost now investigates the most important group of feedback regulators: cannabinoids. Joost is scientific director of GH Medical. Joost is available for advice on cannabinoids and how to use them.

Consultancy Rates:


75,00 Euro per hour

Non members

100,00 Euro per hour