Objectives – Objectives of CAN

Statutes – Statutes of CAN

Internal Regulations – Rules and regulations

Members list – Overview of CAN members

CAN has the status of an association with legal entity. The board is accountable to the General Assembly. 

 The board consists of:

  • Joost Heeroma, PhD, chairman
  • Iris Freie, secretary
  • Renate Keijmis, treasurer
  • Guy Boels, board member
  • David Luca, board member

General Assembly

CAN holds a General Assembly at least once a year to which all members are invited. During the General Assembly, important matters related to the association are discussed. Relevant developments in the sector are also discussed. An important function of the General Assembly is that the members can actually realize their membership, a.o. by discussing and deciding on the policy of CAN.